Farmers stealing tanks

???? Steal a Tank that has run out of fuel and bring it back to your shed. WASD or Arrow keys to control your Tractor.

???? Drink Nemiroff to double your speed for 10 seconds. Destroy other tanks by ramming them with a stolen tank to get a free life.

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???????? Donate to help Ukraine

The best and easiest way to help Ukraine currently is by donating money using a debit/credit card through any of the official sources:

National Bank of Ukraine (In English):
????  Humanitarian aid
????  Armed forces

Ukraine Relief*:
???? UNHCR
???? World Food Programme

* will match up to $5 million in donations to this campaign until April 30th. Go to Ukraine Relief page to learn more and donate.

???????? Support Ukraine

Another way to donate is through You can purchase “Farmers” themed posters, stickers or t-shirts and all profits will be directed to charities that work with Ukraine.

One week game inspired by true events